Monday, April 20, 2009

Water, Lots of Water

I asked for it, and it came. Yesterday the thundershowers started around 10 a.m. I had gotten up early and did a little house keeping, read my RvTravel.Com newsletter, showered and by about that time the rain had started. I was leaving to visit a friend who had just returned from living in Oaxaca for several years with her daughter. I stopped on the way to buy some pan dulce. You never want to visit someone without taking an offering of some kind. I got all of my favorites because I was sure she would invite me to eat while I was there. We chatted for several hours over coffee and bread along with a picture view of her kids and her life in Oaxaca. I have always liked Oaxaca but there always seems to be some tension there.

Since Sunday is my "día libre" for food and beverage, I scouted out the best pizza to buy. My first stop was a Domino's Pizza. Forget that s---! What an offer, one large and one medium for 295 pesos. Sorry, I'd starve before I'd pay that much money for a pizza. Off to Soriana, but that really fits the bill of a cardboard box pizza. Walmart came next and they had no pizza so I checked out their prepared foods. After which I saw a girl put her fingers into the "ensalada de codos" (macarroni salad), I opted not to have prepared food.

Last stop with or without pizza was CostCo. Long lines, but I got what I wanted. I ordered a large cheeze pizza for 135 pesos. A good deal, lots of sauce and pure cheese. Always a catch though, I, not being a fast food fanatic, thought that they had them coming out of the oven. So I paid and asked how long it would be and she said at least half an hour. Well, nap time was nearing and I could feel that feeling I get around nap:3o. What can you do! I went shopping in the store, mostly people watching as they move from one demonstrator to another grabbing up bite size samples of cheeses, crackers, teas, coffee, salchicha, chocolate brownies, etc.

By the time I was wondering back to the food section I had seen the woman who was in front of me getting her pizza. I got up to the window only to find out that people were pointing to their order slips on the whatchamacallit where they hang the receipts, and the pizza guy was filling their orders. So I reached inside the window and handed him my slip. He reached into the oven and pulled out a cheesed top pizza with the sauce bubbling out around the edge of the crust. I vowed at that moment I would not have a bite until I was home. The longest trip in history. I enjoyed every bite with salsa verde on the side. My nap came soon after and it was a good one.

Here we are today on Monday and all things back to normal. Semana Santa came to an end, vendors packed up and headed home. I got up at 6 thinking I would get to the gym by 7 and take the spinning class at 8. I got on the highway and it was like "lucha libre". Made dash by all 4 million people living in Monterrey to get their kids to school on time. As I passed the cars you could see the driver sipping coffee and the kid in the front seat with his head against the window and slobber running down his cheek sound asleep. Traffic came to a screaching halt as I entered town. So much for my workout routine I thought. I made it to the gym about 7:30 and even it was empty. My friend Christy who just had a reduced breast tumor removed was there to take the class also. She had been on chemo the last year. She looks great and says it was a success.

We convinced the gym's owner to give a 3o minute class which was enough to get me sweating and prepared for my weight lifting. All in all, it was a great ending to Spring Break.

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