Saturday, April 18, 2009

Notice Anything Different In The Picture Below?

You're right, no change. The guys coming to cut the cement didn't show up. He told me it wouldn't be right away but I was hoping to get this going. On Monday, I'll stop by and see if I can at least get the guy out here so he can see what needs to be done. I will be working in Los Mochis the end of next week and it would be great to get this show on the road.

We were promised five days of rain. We have had none. It keeps passing us by. Now the weather is hot, humid and the air so heavy it chokes you. You lucky snowbirds that have already headed out. You have the best of both worlds. Heat I like, humidity mixed with heat, I hate.

I continue watering the grass but the cloud cover has hung around all day. Alright, I exagerate a bit. It sprinkled this morning but it wasn't enough to make a difference. It only made the heat worse.


Like all other things in life, things change. My quiet, safe and secure country life has had a small disruption. Since January, I made the decision to close and lock the front gates at night. I never did that before much less lock the front door. Last week I was in one of the sheds in front of the house and noticed that some suitcases had fallen. I blew it off and got what I wanted and closed the doors. Yesterday, I wanted to put the small window unit air conditioner in the trailer window so that I could have a drink and check my email out there. I hate the obnoxious roof air, the next rv we won't have one. Anyway, I got the window set up and went to the shed for the air conditioner. Now I know why it looked funny when I was in there last week.

You can see the shed in the distance.

In the last two weeks I took off for the day and a couple of times I left the gate open. The air conditioner was lifted. Not a big deal, not an expensive item but just the idea that some one came into the yard and took something. I had just told Croft when he was here we usually don't worry about those things because we don't have "gente mañosa" people with sticky fingers. I spent the morning shopping for a new unit. As they say, "from the ashes". I found something much better than what we had before. I can only wish the new owner of my old air conditioner the best of luck with it.

Don't f--- with my freedom, that's when I get bent out of shape. I hate this as I have lived the last twenty plus years without locks on my doors and looking over my shoulder. I refuse to give in.