Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter! Spring Break Continues . . . .

We have been spending quite a good time here at Bentsen Palms. No one is here, a couple of winter stragglers. The gym is fantastic and we take advantage of it everyday. At night, we walk down to the jacuzzi and pool for about half an hour after we have had dinner.

Yesterday we headed out early after our workout for a much better breakfast. We ate at Molina's on 23rd Street. Much better service, very nice restaurant and in our price range. Very good potatoes and we split a half order of pancakes to top it off.

We had intended to go to the Dollar Store warehouse which used to be all the way out on 23rd Street but never found it. We stopped at several bargain malls that had stalls inside where people sell things including card reading and massage. Very interesting how cultures spill across borders. I feel comfortable here because I can speak in Spanish just like at home.

I took my usual nap. Man it was a good one. We decided to fix dinner at home last night so off we went to the new to us HEB on Bryan Rd. Very nice store and they have a restaurant inside and their own garden center store on one side. The place was packed. I had a hazelnut coffee while we shopped and we tried quite a few food demonstrators; beef fajita, cheeses, cheese spreads on pita, cake, etc. You could just have lunch there.

I picked out a couple of rib eye. We normally don't eat red meat but behind our park model is a farm filled with cows. I guess that set me off! Meat is more expensive here in the U.S. even though all "case" meat in Mexico supermarkets is USDA. Juan fixed piratas. Flour tortillas filled with Oaxaca cheese and beef fajita. I prepared a pretty good side salad and we drank a couple of Michelob Ultra Lite beers. Only two grams of carbs. Not a heavy beer but a real thirst quencher. If you are ever in Texas and shop at an HEB, pick up some of their prepared salsas that you can find in a zip lock bag located in the produce section. Very good "roasted" salsa.

The sunset last night was very beautiful. I took several pictures. Oh, by the way, when we left yesterday for the gym, we had quite a downpour. The rain was very welcomed here as it has been dry and South Texas is under water control conditions.

Now I Get The Whole Picture

Wow, that good ole second amendment. Last night we were watching local television and lo and behold there was a commercial that started off showing a couple in bed, hearing strange noises and he reaches into the drawer of his nightstand. Then the announcer reminds the audience that we have the right to defend ourselves. Okay, I can accept that. Wow, then it goes to a full blown commercial to "one of South Texas' gun stores" where you can buy any weapon you can imagine.

So to end this short rampage, somebody turned a blind eye to all this shit that is going on for eight years and dumped it onto someone else. So here we are, you all know what the current outcome is. Basically, we're screwed. This doesn't look pretty and as much as I hate to say it, it is going to get much worse. Hang on to your hats!

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