Monday, April 27, 2009

Class is Over

This morning, in the middle of the course I am giving in a hotel ballroom, a person from the education department came in and said the course was over and we were all to go home. As you probably already know, they have closed all the schools in Mexico until next Monday and that includes all of its associated activities. Like mine.

So I was able to change my flight and will be heading home in the morning. The streets are empty and now people are appearing with their masks on. I have mine ready for my trip home just to be on the safe side.

Now is when I can appreciate boondocking in Mexico!

There is a debate going on over on the Rv.Net about boondocking today. Funny, why would I want to stay in an rv park when all everyone from the U.S. and Canada does is complain about their bad electricity. And believe me, the bad electricity has nothing to do with Mexico. Good wiring, a transformer with a reduced commercial rate and there is no excuse to offer substandard power to rvers.

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