Monday, November 2, 2009

The Great Fire of 2009 - Los Cavazos

It was a big one. Fire trucks came from Santiago, Allende, Montemorelos and beyond. It doesn't look like much but it took out 12 furniture businesses who dedicate their work to making rustic furniture. It started sometime early morning on Saturday. I heard the sirens at 5 a.m. but thought it was an accident on the highway. When I left for Monterrey at 7 a.m. there was still lots of smoke and burning embers. At that time, no one knew the extent of the damage.

Estimates have it at 6 million pesos between the 12 stores, most of whom make their own furniture. None had insurance althouI'vegh insurance in Mexico is cheap. About 1000 pesos per year per 500,000 pesos of value; building and contents. Some of the owners blame the lack of fire hydrants but you can't spread to much blame for lack of city services when we really don't live near a city and most of the owners are probably not registered and thus don't pay any taxes.

Local government has already promised very-low interest loans to help rebuild and get store owners and employees going again. We have a new mayor and he is a real go-getter.

Dental Work

I'm in the process of replacing two crowns. I've had them for over 12 years and they were ready for a change. My local dentist is charging 3600 pesos or 275 dollars for the two crowns and three office visits. He gives great injections and it wears off by the time I get out of the office. I hate the injections with a passion. I'm a happy patient. So is that a good price for two crowns?


  1. The last crowns I got - four top front teeth - cost $3500. Almost $1000 Canadian each. You got a deal!

  2. Dentists in Canada and the U.S. are a complete rip off due to the involvment of insurance companies. For those of us with no dental coverage, it is totally unaffordable. I'll never go to a Canadian dentist again unless it's a dire emergency. I paid 5500 pesos last year in Chetumal for work that would have cost $3000 in Canada.

  3. Small town Tennessee.
    Professional dentist of 34 yrs.
    Been using him for twelve years.

    $713.00. one lower crown, 45 minutes total work-time. Then
    told me i needed another one done.
    Been doing my homework, have funds
    just need one decent gentleman
    with good teeth. lol I`m 51.
    Any site suggestions would be

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