Thursday, November 26, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving! Off We Go!

The season has started. Here in Mexico it's business as usual although you can find turkeys and all the fixing in the supermarkets.

We head off for San Antonio in just a bit and will celebrate Thanksgiving tomorrow with friends. It will be a casual affair, we are all wearing pajamas for dinner.

In Kansas City this is a special day that brings back memories. The lighting of the Country Club Plaza. One of my brothers lives on hill overlooking the area and will have a spectacular view of this evenings events.

Although I come off as a bit of a grouch I am a soft-hearted person and the holidays really choke me up. I miss all nine of my brothers and sisters and am happy I have such a large family. I can choose who I like and don't like :). Seriously though, mom used to really put on the spread and always waited anxiously for as many of us to show as could based on circumstances. And we did! She made a mean pot of mashed potatoes and turkey gravy not to mention the bird basting in the oven. I sure miss mom and dad but the memories are forever.

I'm thankful for all my 50 some odd years and I wouldn't change a thing. My life in Mexico has been rich, filled with wonderful experiences that I can cherish for a lifetime. I am also very thankful for my SO who has been by my side all these years and tolerated my quirks and wierd ideas on how I think the world should turn. I have been gifted with good health and rotten teeth but I will find my way to chew through Thanksgiving dinner anyway. Oh the wonders of modern dentistry!

And thanks to all the people who share my blog and I hope have enjoyed reading it over the years. I know it has run pretty slow in the last months but will pick up again in December as we head out on our trip to San Miguel de Allende.

A special Thanksgiving wish to my friend Patricia in California, my sister Dorothy who loves me a lot, and my two cats Little Bit and Missy.

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