Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Only The Good Die Young

Over the weekend an 18 year old kid from Veracruz was hit by a drunk driver from Germany just up the road from our house. We saw the news and I knew then it was Rolando, a member of our gym. Rolando came to this area from Veracruz to earn money to go to school. He wanted to be a professional chef. His boss said he was a hard worker and had great aspirations.

I saw him at the gym in the mornings. He was a shy type of guy, "penoso" we say here. You could tell he was from Veracruz not only by his appearance but by his mannerisms and actions. He was quiet, didn't bother anyone and kept to himself.

The sad part for me was that I always wanted to talk to him. But here, you don't just walk up to someone and strike up a conversation. I didn¡t want anyone to get the wrong impression. Now it's too late.

A good guy who would have grown up to make a fine Mexican. His family came for the body and took him back to his home in Veracruz. I'll bet they are very proud of him. Q.E.P.D. Rolando.

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