Monday, November 9, 2009

Lots Of Activity

Things are started to happen and I am in high gear. I've been working on the trailer makeover and doing some minor repairs cleaning out the burner on the water heater and the refrigerator. The trailer is five years old and still in good shape. We did have a small leak in the front that I was able to find and stop but the damage, little as it is, was already done. Our next rv will get a leak test before leaving the dealer. This was a quality control issue, a small spot on top where a screw hold the side trim in place was not caulked. Water trickled down the front side and settled in a middle corner spot. If you press on it you can feel it. It is about six inches square.
I also have a list of house things to get done before we leave; have the living room furniture and carpets cleaned, paint the underside of the overhang of the house in front, paint the base of the house (trim) and the front needs a touch up, paint the front wall of the quinta and the gates, paint the top metal plate on the well. I also need to patch up the sheet rock around the bases of the columns on the front of the house and put up a gutter.

Any rvers looking for free hookups in exchange for some handyman work?

I'm a little upset with the amount of emails I have been receiving since the incident at Ft. Hood. They all range from Christianity versus Islam to Obama speaking in Arabic quoting the Quran. Add all the b.s. going on in the U.S., not an example for the world to follow. All it does is feed terrorists.

I'm still convinced it is time to take care of our continent first, then worry about the rest of the world. Enough said.

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