Sunday, November 15, 2009

Getting My Projects Done

The chairs came back yesterday fromt the upholsterer and we had the wiring fixed under the trailer that the dogs had chewed up. Pups are gone now, all to good homes. The momma dog is still in need of a new home though.

Juan found a handyman who came and fixed the wiring on the trailer and also fixed the hot water heater. We leave it on pilot during the hot summer months and solar energy kicks in as the sun hits the water heater all day long. We have warm to hot water all summer. Now with the cold nights coming that isn't true. I thought the problem was with the pilot so I cleaned all the orifices and still it wouldn't ignite. The handyman disassembled the regulator and found it was clogged with spider nests and bugs. That did the trick. Three hours work on both the heater and the trailer, total cost 350 pesos.

I got the well painted that sits in the front yard and I will start painting the front gate and wall this week. I met with the new Secretario de Ayutamiento this week at the mayor's office. They sent out a crew to evaluate our road and hopefully they will start work this week.

We are narrowing down our trip for December. Looks like the Mexico destination is San Miguel de Allende. From there we will head north across the border to San Antonio for the big RV show January 7th. After, we will fly to Naples, Fl. to spend a week relaxing in the warm sun.

Today is Sunday and we are headed to the all-you-can-eat breakfast buffet, 3.99 per person. Eggs just the way I like it. Then we are heading to Monterrey to do some grocery shopping and find a new bedspread for the trailer.

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