Tuesday, November 3, 2009

No Transit Officials In Monterrey


This is day five and the streets are empty of transit officials. Last week, our new mayor made the decision to remove all 1,100 transit police from duty. They are undergoing a series of five types of psychological exams. During this time the official has the right to resign with full benefits if they so desire. If they are found inept or corrupt they will be let go without any benefits whatsoever.
The plan may change as they are concerned that those who are corrupt could become involved in illicit activities. They may be give lesser city jobs to avoid involvement in other activities.
So who's watching the streets of Monterrey? The new policia municipal. There are 185 patrol cars that have been awarded to those outstanding police men and women who have served the community with a clean record. We have had no major issue that they haven't been able to handle.
The new transit officials or those who remain, will be offered a better salary, additional training and benefits.
One major change that has taken place is that your vehicle cannot be taken away for a traffic violation. You can pay your fine at the local transit office or an OXXO convenience store.


  1. hmm, interesting. Atleast they are addressing the issue. I hope the test is good and we dont get rid of good people and keep the bad ones. Like I said, it's a good start.

  2. I heard the Mayor of San Pedro is cracking down on the drug lords
    Hope It keeps up.