Saturday, November 7, 2009

Started Preparing the Trailer for December 2009

Finally, I see some action. I took the chairs out of the trailer and took them to be reupholstered. They are two swivel rockers that we purchased from an ex-Trailmanor owner. They fit beautifully in the Funfinder. I am having them done in a beige textured fabric. They will be ready on Thursday. The cost is 1100 pesos or 82 dollars including new foam cushions, etc. Is that a good price?
I am washing all the throw rugs as we don't have carpet, reorganizing the cabinets, and doing a general cleaning. I've checked all the systems; furnace, water heater, batteries, refrigerator and I need to repair a cable underneath that the dog got ahold of.
For those that are good at curtains, we have great curtains but they are butt ugly. They are a dark green and some kind of tie-dye deal. So, I am a RIT man. I dye just about everything from my black shirts to bathroom rugs. This looks like a tough job because if I screw it up I am screwed. I am thinking about using the RIT color remover first, and then dye them in a darker beige color and then buy a new bedspread. If anyone has RIT experience, let me know what you think.
As for the road, the destination is unknown. Where is everyone going to be? I would like to receive some feedback as it would be nice to hookup with some of you while we are on the road in Mexico as well as Texas.
We may take a short four-day weekend with the trailer to San Antonio for Thanksgiving.

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