Sunday, November 22, 2009

Travel Trailer Makeover Underway

I got the chairs back and they look brand spankin' new. With the new throw rugs the trailer looks more open and light. Lots left to do though. We are headed to San Antonio on Thursday for Thanksgiving and we will buy a new bedspread. I still haven't decided what to do with the curtains, I want to remove the color and make them a dark beige, but some people have said they may be a poly fiber and not work well. I still plan on taking a piece and trying it anyway. Worse case is I find something that matches the rest and have them made.

The chairs are beige although with the curtains as they are they look more like a light green. Tomorrow I will check the water heater and furnace to make sure they are working properly. I am also in the search for a radiant heater, I'm tired of the sound of the furnace.

The time is drawing closer and I am getting more excited to hit the road. If we were going to spend more time in San Antonio we would take the trailer with us, but for three days with all the things happening at the border, it just isn't worth it.
Oops! I left my drink on the table in the picture.

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