Friday, January 29, 2010

Crossing Into Mississippi

We've hit rain since yesterday and more heavy winds. Driving is slow but we are making progress. The rv show is on now and lasts until Sunday. I know we will be there tomorrow.

Last night we stayed in Lake Charles at the Isle of Capri Casino. I checked the Casino Camping webpage and found several there including the spot that Kevin recommended. It was a free site and we each gambled on five dollars a piece including drinks. We had more fun than you can imagine. We played slots for three hours.

Our site was amazingly quiet and it got a bit cold. I had the furnace running and we started to watch a movie with Julia Roberts. I can't remember the name right now but she is a mole for a company and keeps running into the same spy.

I have lots to tell. We came across to rv finds at our stay at Baffin Bay. We found a 1994 Hi-Lo fifth wheel in excellent condition and a Shadow Cruiser fifth wheel. Neither are made anymore.


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  2. "Duplicity" with Clive Owen? Great movie!

  3. May as well move on to the top like this.