Tuesday, January 5, 2010

La Gruta Thermal Waters - San Migeul de Allende


Last week we seemed to tire of the cold weather that was hanging over San Miguel de Allende. We invited P.J. and Claudia (DutchDuoWildlife) to go to the thermal baths at La Gruta. This resort is located just 20 minutes from the La Siesta and is a real treat. We didn't get too many pictures of the pools and caves but we sure did have a good time. I was afraid the camera would end up in the water, I suffer from severe clumsiness.

You pay 80 pesos to enter the place. You can rent a locker to put your stuff, and the 50 peso charge is refunded when you turn in the key. There are dressing rooms for men and women and very nice bathrooms.

The pools are like swimming pools but hot water fills them and they are refreshed every two to three hours (they have a schedule). You want to be there for the refresh. The water comes gushing out of a wide pipe in the cave. Yes a cave! As you pass from the first pool, you enter a long tunnel, all filled with hot water, that leads to a cave at the end. The bottom half of the cave is a round swimming pool with a rock dome on top. Hidden in the dome are a few glass squares that let in a small amount of light. Steam rises around you and the tranquility is very relaxing.

You pass from pool to pool, swimming, floating around, having conversations with others and pretty much being a good walrus. We laid out in the sun off and on and as I laid there I thought of all the people in the northern part of the continent that might be envious.

There is a great restaurant right near the pools. We were surprised to find the prices so reasonable. We each ordered a large Mexican breakfast and had several refills of very good coffee. You can see my huevos rancheros in the photo below.

I really recommend this place if you like to relax.


  1. One of our favorite hot springs. Never fail to meet some interesting folks from all over the world. always amazes us that when the water comes rushing in from the pipe that everyone gets in line to take turns!

  2. hi bill,

    i forgot to mention the line. the water rushes for quite some time and everyone gets several opportunities.

    see you soon i hope!