Friday, January 1, 2010

Dinner at El Pegaso - Happy New Year!

First off, Happy New Year to everyone! It was one heck of a party. Eating, drinking and dancing! I have to say though that the retirement thing takes more work than I had expected. Whoever thought that planning was part of the program? If we don't plan propery, we can't seem to get everything done. Why with daily shopping, planning meals, get togethers, happy hour, etc. it never ends.

I am behind on the blog because of this great rv park we are at. I will be giving a review when we get home this week and we don't want to get kicked out so you'll just have to wait. Their internet signal isn't working so we are in the SUV right now picking up a signal from the Pollo Feliz!

Back to last Sunday and dinner out. We all decided to get together for dinner and we headed downtown in three taxis to the El Pegaso. Trust me, never recommend anything to anyone. It is never the same. When we were here in July we met a great couple on the street who told us about the place and we ended up having dinner with them. It was the best food in the world. Well, we get there and the place is packed. We made a 7:30 reservation but they waited until we came to set up the table. Drinks were on time and very good including the wine. Croft had sea bass on his mind but they were out. The first signal things were going downhill. But we had a great time anyway. We laughed, talked and thought we would get kicked out if we didn't settle down a bit. (rough crowd we are hanging out with).

Norma and Croft

Bruno and Micheline

P.J. and Claudia

Nancy and Terrie

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