Sunday, January 31, 2010

Rving Nightmare - Fate or Just Bad Luck

We made it to Ocala yesterday afternoon. We stopped by Starbucks to check our mail and to get a Google map of where we wanted to go. I found a Walmart Supercenter and gave them a call. The woman said there was no problem and to come by. I told her I would check in at the service desk when I got there. When we arrived, I told the woman I had called and she said to park wherever as long as it was out of the way. She looked at me like, "why are you asking me if you can spend the night?".

Going back to Friday, we pulled in to Pensacola after driving in torrential downpours all day. It had also rained the night before. It never let up. We stopped at the Florida Visitor's Center and found there was a state park not far away. As we got closer we passed a Walmart and we decided to stay there. Talk about a streak of good luck. We got set up, the rain still pounding, and I threw myself on the bed like always. Holy S---! Water! Water! The whole front window of the trailer had water pouring in. Leaking like a sieve we grabbed towels, moved the mattress (fortunately it didn't get wet) and began searching for some answers. The Shadow Cruiser is notorious for front window leaks. We sealed ours before and had never had a problem. Last year I discovered a leak and thought I had found the problem. Well, I guess it has been leaking all along and from the window not from what I thought was the source. The front middle cap of the trailer is like a sponge.

We ran into Walmart and bought a blue tarp. We strapped it in place over the front. Problem fixed. Although we are looking to upgrade I can't just pass this on to someone else. We are going to get some estimates and see what this will cost. Maybe in Mexico we can get it done at a better price. Anyway, yesterday morning it had dried on the outside and we sealed it again. I checked all the running lights, etc. Good thing we made the decision not to go to the state park. We would have had a bigger problem with no tarp on hand. I usually keep one in the trailer storage but had used it for something at home and forgot to replace it.

As we headed out, I saw one of the tires was going flat on the trailer. Is this fate or just bad luck? I had stepped in dog poop at the casino the night before and Juan said that it was good luck. I am beginning to wonder about that. Fortunately, Walmart has a tire and automotive. We drove up and I asked the guy if he could fix a flat. He said he had to check with his manager. No go. It's a trailer and there is too much liability in case they break something. ?????? So we moved back to the parking lot, jacked up the trailer and took off the tire ourselves. The service person looked at the tire and said that he couldn't find anything. I asked him to check the valve stem. Sure enough, a bad valve stem. They replaced it at no charge and we were on our way.

The rest of the day I was pretty bummed out. I hope we don't have more heavy rains. It sprinkled and misted most of the day and the area around the window is dry, so far. We can't stay in an rv resort with a blue tarp over the front of our trailer.

Anyway, life goes on and this isn't the first rv to develop a bad leak. We will enjoy the show today and head to Naples tomorrow arriving early and resting until Tuesday when my brother gives a a marathon adventure of the Everglades and the Audobon conservancy along with all of his other hidden treasures.

I will post pictures of the last couple of days when we have a good signal. We were lucky to be here at a Walmart and get the local town hall wifi. Life isn't so bad.

Wade, you're right. It the movie was Duplicity.


  1. Our first travel trailer leaked at the front window too. We had just bought it brand new, and moved in to begin our fulltime life. The second day in it, it rained a downpour, and I had water all over the kitchen. I was very upset about it. Husband fixed it, but it leaked again several times over the years that we had that trailer. The new one doesn't leak. yet. We have had it 3 years though.

  2. I hate Naples, too many people. But there are some great boondocking sites off the Tamiami Trail.
    When you head back North from Naples there are several great Hillsbourough county parks that are not hard to get into, since the have a 14 day limit and don't take reservations. Get there by 9AM. Best day is usually Sunday when all the weekend campers go home. See