Sunday, January 17, 2010

Sunday In The Zocalo - Oaxaca

I moved to a new hotel on Saturday. It is much nicer and I am enjoying it much more. I can walk to the zocalo in about 10 minutes. Today I got up early and went running in the park. Lots of people out exercising. It was great!

I came back to the hotel, had breakfast and went back to my room to read the paper and enjoy my Rv.Travel newsletter. I am very disappointed by the state park closings in Arizona. Such a shame to see such beautiful parks go to waste.

Before I left the Los Olivos Spa, I had my chakra balanced and an excellent foot massage. I must have started to fall asleep, I could hear myself snoring. The spa is very nice and I encourage anyone visiting Oaxaca to take advantage of their services.

Well, there was a hummingbird there!

Spa Los Olivos

Spa Los Olivos

The park where I go running.

Entrance to the Hotel Fortin Plaza

A view of the city from my room.

If it weren't for the people in the pictures, these could be from a hundred years ago.

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