Friday, January 15, 2010

Oaxaca - Meeting Up With Friends

What a surprise. I found out this week that John and Angela were here in Oaxaca. I got ahold of them and we made arrangements for dinner last night. We met at the Casa de la Abuela and had dinner outside along the Zocalo watching hundreds of tourists and locals eating, playing, walking, listening to live music. I had a couple of quesadillas and a vodka or two. They told me all about their adventures since they had left our house in early December. Wow, they have been everywhere from Monterrey to Yucatan to Oaxaca and are now heading to Mazatalan and up the west coast.

I had gotten to the plaza early and had my shoes shined while I waited. I took a few pictures before it got dark.

After dinner we strolled around the plaza. Although we have seen many places like the zocalo en Oaxaca, it fails to amaze me how many people venture out at night in Mexico. In the U.S. it seems no goes out after dark for fear of something. No, here people are out and about. Who would know there is a crisis of any kind.

I also took a picture of the Los Olivos Spa where I am staying. The food has improved considerably and the vegetarian menu is quite good. I may have a massage on Saturday and have my chakra put in check too!

Since I am here this weekend I will venture out and see some of the sights and take some pictures.

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