Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Florida Here We Come!


Tomorrow we take off for Florida. We will be crossing the gulf coast staying near Beaumont, Tx the first night. Then on to Summerdale, Al to stay at the Escapees Rainbow Park. From there it is on to Ocala, Fl for the SuperRv Show.

Today I made some small repairs on the trailer. The kitchen vent cover blew off long ago and I cover up the inside. It never did work right anyway but I decided it was time to replace it. It was covered on the outside all along so don't think I left it like it appears in the picture.

Here's the replacement. Well, half of it. The new replacement didn't fit right so it is the original inside part and the new outside cover.

The license plate/rear light broke last year. I put the license plate on the bottom frame but I was afraid that I would damage the plate on a tope.

I bought the replacement in San Antonio before Christmas and finally got around to putting it on. It was an easy fix and took just a few minutes.

I paid all the taxes for the year today too. Property tax, car, truck and trailer tags. I got the house ready and did some cleaning. We packed our stuff and I hooked up the trailer and tested the lights and connections. We hope to pull out before 7 a.m.


  1. Safe journey. My parents are members of Escapees. Great parks and amminities.

  2. Have fun in FL! It started raining in Chetumal this morning so we might delay our departure for a day or so. This is not a bad place to hunker down - we have all the amenities and a good Starchoice signal so things could be worse.

  3. How long will you be in FL?

    Be sure to go to Ocala NF jut East of Ocala, we love Juniper Sprngs.
    Another place not too far from Ocala is Silver Lake in the Withcaloochee State Forest south of Ocala.

    Read some of my old blogs for info. about these parks. Forget the FL State Parks they will be full.

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