Saturday, January 9, 2010

San Antonio Rv Show - Or No Show!

The last three months you have heard me talk about the rv show in San Antonio. I couldn't wait to get there and we had planned this trip very well. After returning from San Miguel de Allende I decided to check the rv show website again. To my dismay, the show was cancelled. Yes cancelled. How do you cancel an rv show and it is still advertised all over the internet?

We went anyway as I had a 2007 Trailmanor lined up to look at. The weather, just like everywhere else was colder than a well-digger's you know what in April. We pressed on though, and drove all the way to Seguin, Tx to see the rv. It is a bank repo. The exterior is in excellent shape and the interior was a little rough but easily repaired and fixed up. We had two Trailmanors in the past and loved them both. We felt at the time though, that the setup was a pain in the butt, which in reality it isn't much different than any other rv. Now we are revisiting the purchase of one as it is low-profile, lightweight and you save a ton on gasoline. We can fit just about anywhere and worrying about low-lying trees etc. is no longer a problem. I need to make an offer but I hate to insult the dealer although he did say it was a repo. I also need to check with the aduana to see what the import tax would be.

We had scheduled other dealer visits but the cold and wind kept us from doing very much. I did have the chance to get some trees cut down in the backyard of our rental property and Monday is a special pickup of rubbish, limbs, trees, etc. and there is no limit to what they will except, sorry, no hazardous materials.

We had a good time visiting with friends, shopping at the rv store for things we need to spruce up our Shadow Cruiser to prepare it for sale this next month. I dread the fact that we may be rv-less for a while. It is my refuge from reality and it takes us everywhere we want to escape to.

Things change just like life and we all go on.

Tomorrow I head to Oaxaca for two weeks of work and some sightseeing. I hope to find some new things to share and I apologize for not having any pictures of the wind and cold in San Antonio! hahahaha.


  1. Mi Amigo, it is very hard to insult an RV salesman. Figure out what the price should be using the 30% first year depreciation and 10% for every year since then, take into consideration the current economy and make a low-ball offer. Know your bottom line and counter his counter offer. You will be surprised!

    BTW - We all miss you guys down here in SMA!!!!! Happy Hours are just not the same.

  2. Agree with the above posting! When I sold RVs, used stuff was brought in at 10% or $2,000 under wholesale. Since it is a repo and Jan., go way low. You can always dicker, especially since you have to pay taxes in Mexico. Good luck.

  3. Hi Cris, Have you seen the new Trailmanor Trailmini? A very unique rig but maybe a little cramped for 2 fulltime. Wade