Monday, March 22, 2010

Cancun Here I Come

Update: Arrived to Cancun after my stopover in Mexico City. Streets are full, my hotel is booked and the taxi driver, front desk clerk, waiter, bellman all tell me business couldn't be better.

It's a bit on the cool side but I am looking forward to some sun although I won't be hanging out around the pool or the beach. Too bad, work is work!


Sitting here waiting at the Monterrey airport for my flight to Mexico City and then on to Cancun. Sounds like a fun trip, huh? Well, I will only be in Cancun this afternoon and tomorrow. We leave tomorrow afternoon for Merida where I will be staying for two days. I will update later on the tourist situation and Spring Breakers.

There is a march for peace next Sunday here in Monterrey and I will be reporting on that the next day or two. We need an rv, I've got rvitis and am ready to hit the road.

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  1. Have a great vacation. Hope you are feeling better. Turf the Vicks Vaporub. Go with Mezcal straight up. It'll cure what ails ya.

    Howd did the movie thing go?