Monday, March 29, 2010

A Real Thread Stopper

I just got home from the gym to find out that the Canadians who had their rvs hijacked were contacted by the Mexican Federal Police. The rigs have been recovered and are still connected to the tow vehicles. We are waiting for confirmation as to the condition of the vehicles. Some mystery surrounds this event and we are hoping to get the whole story. Good news for both the Canadians as well as the Mexicans.

As for the threads on Rv.Net, they came to a screeching halt once the news was announced. You see, on a forum, people can say whatever they want pitting people against each other, some presenting facts that are so far from the truth it is impossible to decifer the truth. Forums are great if there is no trolling going on and that is common on the Rv.Net. Here is the thread I am talking about:

RVs Hijacked Near Ciudad Victoria

Croft and I have been in touch with a good friend of the victims who is traveling in Mexico, so once Croft posted the update the thread died. Why? No more speculation. No one could opine about how bad things are, or people are lying, making up stories, one place is better than an other, and on and on and on through ad nauseum.

So my friends, contrary to others beliefs that bloggers are full of hot air, it may be wise to tune into Mexico bloggers as we are on the roads, living, working or fulltiming and have that "first-hand" experience.

Tengan un excelente día!

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