Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Cancun to Merida

I worked with the University del Caribe in Cancun yesterday afternoon. This is a public university and has a library and English self-access to die for. The student body is young, vibrant and happy. A great bunch of kids. The same goes without saying for the teachers in the English department. I was surprised that the tuition is practically free and easily accessible to all the population.

As I said earlier in my "fear mongering post", we had a quick dinner at Applebee's which by the way stank. The pasta was way over-cooked and the sauce like water. But my coworkers wanted to eat there so I gave in. I would have opted for a carnita torta on the road.

We took the autopista which is as straight as an arrow. It had practically put me in a trance. We arrived two hours later to Merida and to my hotel in the picture. An old hotel that has been remodeled many times. Very nice but not the Hyatt.


First things first, I called Jonna and Mimi back. They had called me while I was on the road. They buzzed by the hotel and we went out for a couple of drinks, me being the early bird I still woke up before six a.m. and am about ready to get an hour of shut eye. We had a great time chatting it up and I hope we get together for dinner.

First things first, I broke a piece off of a front tooth at breakfast. Not because of the food mind you, the same tooth was broken when I was in eighth grade and has seen been resined about four times. The last two times it was just like today, right before I need to give a presentation. Murphy follows me.


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  2. Same comment as the one I deleted but only part of it showed up last time.

    It is time to "bite the bullet" and get that tooth fixed properly with a crown, mi amigo. Well maybe you shouldn't actually bite a bullet right now.... but dentists in Mexico are reasonably priced.

    Enjoy dinner. Jonna and Mimi took us to an Italian place that was nice and we ran into a couple of their friends there. Fun people!!! Just like you!

  3. Yeah, it's cool that all mexican public universities are free (or almost free) for mexican citizens...