Thursday, March 4, 2010

Clear Skies - Monterrey to Saltillo

Yesterday afternoon I drove up to Saltillo. I had a breakfast this morning with a group of coordinators from different schools in the city. The skies were clear and the ride on the new autopista was very relaxing.

The distance between Monterrey (Santa Catarina) and Saltillo is shrinking as more and more homes are being built. The good the bad and the ugly of progress.

Looking back towards Monterrey the valley continues to fill.

I was listening to "Look To The Rainbow" sung by Astrud Gilberto (click on the link and go to the song if you are interested in hearing it). There was no rainbow but as you can see the scenery was fantastic.

Once out of sight of the city the landscapes take on a new look.

After reaching the turn off for Saltillo the autopista continues on to Monclova.

Last night we went downtown and had dinner at El Tapanco, an international restaurant that has very good food serving desert favorites.

Tomorrow afternoon I fly to Guadalajara for a seminar I'm giving on Saturday afternoon.

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