Friday, March 5, 2010

Why People Make Comparisons

Lots of talk these days on all the Mexico forums about safety issues and security within the country. People visiting or living in Mexico are more likely to make comparisons and those outside the country ask the question why?

The answer is quite simple. It is based on perspective. Also, some people live in a country that they "believe" is the greatest country ever or one that has been designated by God. First, it doesn't exist and secondly, I doubt seriously that God would create a planet, solar system, galaxy or universe and designate one specific place as being the best and then screwing the rest of his creation.

Mexico gets beat up pretty badly. It is always the fall guy. By choice or not I'm not sure. It is surely different than the U.S. but no much different than many of the other 20 Latin American countries. The funny part is that Mexico provides so much to the U.S. as a partner in North America. Mexico is the second-largest consumer of goods from the U.S. outside of itself. Mexico provides billions of dollars in tourism to the U.S. as Mexicans enjoy visiting their neighbor to the north. So why the bad rap?

Americans are the largest consumer group of cocaine yet it appears there is no decline in the consumption making one think that the use of the drug is legal in the U.S. Has anyone ever thought how the drugs get into the U.S.? They sure as heck arent going across the U.S. / Mexican bridges, pack mules, or stuffed up the rear ends of innocents victims. We are talking about a 30 billion dollar business., equal to or greater than that of General Motors . This sh-- is coming in on airplanes, submarines, cargo containers, trailer loads. Where is the DEA in all of this? Why can't the "greatest" country in the world control their subjects . . . If you want to pull the constitution card on me it wont work. Because if that is the excuse, than it is time to change something that apparently isnt working very well.

Admit it, both countries are in deep shit for one reason or another so there really isnt any need to point fingers, make comparisons or say one is better than the other. What does appear to be true is that the solutions cannot be made individually, we need to both accept our faults and most of all, work together to find solutions.

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  1. yep. Both Governments are to blame. Mexico has the misfortune and fortune to share its border with the USA. The answer seems simple, but unlikely.

  2. I don't believe in redistributing wealth to those who didn't earn it. But I also don't believe in concentrating wealth into fewer and fewer hands. It appears that the U.S. is turning itself into a "3rd World" nation as the middle class is crumbling. The drug users are a much smaller problem right now in the U.S. than the economic problems we are facing. Unfortunately the drug cartels are a much bigger problem for Mexico. Before this recent war on the cartels that has some blaming the U.S., the cartels were bribing whole police departments, killing journalists, corrupting the politicians. It didn't start with this recent war and one could argue they brought this upon themselves by being so blatant. Read an article the other day where cartels are now growing huge marijuana crops in U.S. national forests and parks. Much easier than trying to get it acros the border. We need to as much as possible minimize drug use to take away their incentive. But the cartels need to be brought to justice too. If the military of a large country like Mexico can't do that I have to suspect this is all for show. The money's just too good to put any teeth into it.

  3. rocmoc n AZ/MexicoMarch 6, 2010 at 5:57 AM

    USA has had a War on Drugs for decades. How has it been working for the country? About as good as our War in Iraq. Wake up, it didn't work trying to stop booze and it won't with drugs. Control, Tax and offer Education programs and let the people make their own choice if they want to do drugs. That is suppose to be one of the basic principles of USA freedom, the right to chose no matter how stupid. Control thu real business, not the black market and Tax and you will put the cartels out of business or make them legit. This will happen soon or later!

  4. The war in Iraq has been going pretty good actually. How can we make people legit who've been slaughtering innocent kids? You are right, there aren't any easy answers and making it legit may happen. Legit or not, corporations shouldn't be required to hire those that have "legit" serious narcotics in their system. That's where the freedom argument hits a snag. I don't want people who get high handling dangerous equipment. But if it's as legal as alcohol or tobacco how do you deny them those jobs. Frankly wouldn't want a teacher who legally smokes a joint on her lunch break teaching my kid. Sorry, but legalizing serious drugs opens a Pandora's Box. We've got enough to worry about now.

  5. What rocmoc said!

    Chris fill us in on the ambush where three police were killed near Monterrey if you can.

  6. I can't believe I actually read the phrase: "Why can't the "greatest" country in the world control their subjects " in this BLOG. First I don't believe I'm a subject like some feudal lackey. And we have enough laws and social control already. This attitude is going to erode whatever few civil liberties that we have left. Don't think I'll be returning to this silly site anytime soon.