Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Bloggers Beware!

Another failed attempt to reign in power over one of the Mexico forums.

The regime has failed. Mexico was better off before Calderon and his war. Why did one poster want Mexico to legalise drugs. It is the USA that has to do that. Will never happen. The only difference between Columbia and Mexico is that Mexico borders the USA. If the increasing levels of violence continue to escalate we can all forget tourism in Mexico. I still say that many on this forum dont have a clue when it comes to the current situation. I am also amazed that if you go to some of the blogs by forum members they paint a rosy Polyanna picture. One would think Mexico was a Jane Austen novel. NOT!! RV'rs have nothing other than time invested in Mexico. Some of us own poperty and have a social investment as well. Very sad! BTW: I happen to think that most bloggers have a narcasisstic personality disorder. Is anyone really interested in your political views and your daily routine???

Somebody must be attracted to our blogs and our daily lives. We share our real life experiences with the world. Things we do everyday related to living and rving in Mexico. My mailbox is full asking for information regarding immigration, permits, fuel prices, boondocking locations, and much more. They refuse to post on the forums because people are so evil and rotten that they feel attacked and the information they receive is many times exagerated or not factual in an effort to reinforce point which in reality does more to affect the poster's credibility.

If people weren't interested in our blogs we wouldn't be receiving checks from Google Adsense on a monthly basis.

The person who wrote the statement above suffers from a narcissistic disorder.
The term narcissism refers to the personality trait of egotism, which includes the set of character traits concerned with self-image ego.


  1. Did you get to see my response to the asshole before the moderator deleted both of them?

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