Sunday, March 28, 2010

Merida - I Must Be The Worst Blogger

I have to apologize, I have more interest in self gratification than anything else. I went to Merida with the idea that I would meet the infamous Jonna and Mimi, which I did, but I took very few pictures and have yet to post anything. So here is my story.

Jonna called me while I was on the highway to Merida. It was late and she said not to worry about calling when we arrived. They came by my hotel and we went out for a few drinks. These guys are great. If you are ever in Merida, stop by and say hello. They live downtown and have remodeled a casa antigua. A very well done job by any estimate. A patio to die for, complete with lighting, comfortable furniture, an evening breeze along with a cocktail anyone would pay 100 bucks for.

Their fur friends are a reflection of their owners. There are really great human beings on this planet.

The second day, Wednesday, is when I broke my tooth. Jonna had read the blog and instantly we were off to her dentista. The tooth was fixed in less than 45 minutes and I was ready to eat delicious tacos de marlin and a small shrimp cocktail. You see, I didn't take any pictures of the food. George would have done that. I was too enthraled in the magic of those tacos dorados.

A blurred picture of Mimi in front of their kitchen refrigerator. The coolest design and cabinetry I have ever seen.

We also went to the house that night for cocktails on the lanai, verando or patio, whatever you want to call it. One word of caution, Jonna pours without a spout. We later went out for tacos Árabe that were out of this world. To find them, just show someone a picture of the cohete or rocket which is a landmark nearby.

Jonna was in the kitchen when I took this photo of their living room. She was pouring the fatal double vodka on the rocks. What a cool looking house. I said I could take a nap in this room.

Find this rocket, and you will be led to some of the finest tacos Árabe in Merida.


  1. I looks like you were suffering from a little "blurred vision" mi amigo!

  2. Must have been that double vodka I poured :)

    It was great to meet you in person, we had a wonderful time talking and laughing and felt we'd known you for a long time.