Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Preparing For Semana Santa


Vacation is here and the crowds are coming. The highway from Monterrey to Santiago is packed as kids are out of school and are on vacation for two weeks. They say the beaches on the east coast are filling up and advertising by states are appearing on television.

The military continue to pick them off one by one but life goes on and everyone is out and about enjoying their vacation time. Wait until this Thursday and we won't be leaving the quinta. Too much traffic and noise for me but good for local merchants. If we need to do some shopping, I will go to Walmart and HEB at 5 a.m. in the morning to beat the traffic.

Here at the quinta today, workers were painting the side of the pool (i don't know what you call it in English, la orilla) and touching up the kitchen cabinets. Tomorrow they will be filling a crack in the driveway and I will take down all the miniblinds and wash them, wash the windows inside and out and on Thursday cut the grass. So if we have company the quinta is ready.

Wow, isn't retirement fun!!!!!

Let's go back to last Friday for a minute. We drove to Saltillo because Croft and Norma were spending a couple of nights at the Imperial Hotel before crossing the border. We drove up to spend the night and since we have no rv we rented a room at the hotel. We arrived at 4 p.m., had drinks outside their rv and a couple in a Roadtrek from Connecticut showed up. We invited them over for a drink and they were a fabulous couple. That night we went out for a dinner that was embarrassing to say the least. I guess we are just cursed when it comes to picking a place to eat. It was awful, Croft paid a lot but we enjoyed the company.

The hotel in terms of the rv park, is very good. Nice parking, hookups, pool, shower and restrooms. The hotel rooms are from the 60s however, the mattress was to die for. I couldn't pry Juan off the bed but then again, based on the bottle of vodka we almost killed the night before (shame on us) it was a wonder we made it back home. We left early in the morning, stopping by Croft and Normas rig to say goodbye, but they were both still asleep.

We headed back to Monterrey for a 50th birthday breakfast that a good friend invited us to. Croft and Norma are great folks and I am so glad we were able to meet up before they took off. We love chatting with them and exchanging stories.

The birthday boy playing the accordian along with his two violinists.

Good friends of ours, Rolando y Suzanna

The gang after stuffing ourselves and having a great time.

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