Saturday, April 24, 2010

Could This In Itself Be A Terrorist Plot?

You can tell I'm getting bored here in San Antonio. We got the house ready for rent, put the sign in the front yard and people are knocking and calling. That is good news as we are just a week away from the first of the month. You see these programs on television about hoarders, and filthy houses and you wouldn't believe you would ever see it in your lifetime. It is amazing how many people live as pigs.

I miss my Mexico mucho. I miss going to the gym where people actually talk to strangers, talk to one another and carry on conversations. I have been at this new gym called Planet Fitness, nice place and a great philosophy. But no one talks to anybody. They are literally robots or zombies, not to mention the tatoos that people are wearing, can you imagine a guy who leaves the gym in a suit and tie but has a paragraph tatooded on his torso?. I also miss going into to town and seeing real people on the street, sitting in the plaza, men chewing the fat and women talking about the local gossip while they sift through produce in a street market.

I did manage to get a wave from one of my San Antonio neighbors, nothing more and nothing less. What a drag. And I hate to rag on people or places but this town is depressing. I have seen more poverty, drug addicts on the streets, and general undesirability that I can't wait to get back to Mexico. As bad as it may seem to some, that is my Mexico and I love the sh-- out of it.

So what about the terrorist plot? I have been receiving emails that literally denigrate the fabric of the United States, its President and his cabinet. Ministers who refuse to recognize the President, people who say his health care plan has been established to protect non-Christians from paying taxes and giving them free health care and charging Christians extra taxes for their health care. In addition, an additional tax for selling their house. (so what, the U.S. needs to find ways to generate income, finally they eliminated deducting interest on credit cards, that was a foolish one to begin). Americans need to step up to the plate and realize that they cannot continue to spend frivolously and need to belly up to the bar on this one. 12,000,000,000,000 dollars, that is twelve trillion dollars. It is such a ridiculous number it means nothing. And believe me, Obama didn't generate even a third of that. Go back to the root source.

So I have digressed, the terrorist plot. All of the above could possibly be a terrorist plot to destroy "one" and I repeat "one" of the greatest nations on this planet (as there are many others). Imagine the Taliban, Osama, ETA, FARC, and the endless list of others, who would enjoy destroying the U.S. I believe it is being done via emails, news media including my best friends O'Reilly, Beck and Limbaugh, to infect and infiltrate the very fabric of the U.S. and slowly but surely see the image of Americans and the country fall to its knees. Who sees any credibility in the U.S. at this point with the Republicans mocking the very office of the President, the office that as we say in Spanish, entre comias, holds the highest honor in the world.

I do believe the U.S. has been invaded, and it is we the Americans ourselves who are the offenders.

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  1. Think it was Pogo who said, "We have met the enemy and he is us!"