Monday, April 5, 2010

Earthquake in Baja California Norte

I was shocked by the news today about the earthquake in Baja Norte. Seems like the Earth just keeps shaking and there is no spot that is free from its interior rage. This one started some 10 kms down and shook many far away places.

On a good note though, here is a quote from the SSN (Servicio Sismológico Nacional) in UNAM Mexico City: (translation below).

El sismo de 7.2 grados Richter que se registró ayer domingo en Mexicali, Baja California, fue un poco mayor al de Haití, pero el respeto a los códigos de construcción evitó un desastre como el ocurrido en el país caribeño, afirmó Carlos Valdés González.

The earthquake yesterday in Mexicali, Baja California which registered 7.2 on the Richter Scale was a bit worse than that of Haiti, but because of the implemented constructions codes a disaster like that which happened in the Carribean country was avoided , said Carlos Valdés González.

Amazing yet unfortunate, only two persons lost their lives.

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