Sunday, April 25, 2010

Mexican Drivers

Wow, I didn't realize Mexico was such a dangerous place to drive. Having lived in Mexico for 20 plus years I have had two fender benders and towing an rv for ten years no accidents. I have seen some pretty bad accidents and this last week I can compare those in Mexico to those in San Antonio. There have been an average of two major accidents, deaths in both, each day for the last week. Last night three persons were killed in a one car accident, alcohol involved.

I guess it is everywhere, but those darn Mexicans, they just have to be the worst drivers in the world. Why they don't have to take a test or anything.

The last two sentences are gross exagerations. Mexicans in general are good drivers. In Nuevo Leon (which is a state) you have to take a written exam as well as a driving test. In fact, we even have a driving range to practice driving. You have to be accompanied by a licensed driver to use it.

For what it's worth. . . . . .

I just hate hearsay and speculation!

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