Thursday, April 1, 2010

Spring Breakers Are Here!

Before I say anything else, if someone wants to know what I gave up for Lent the answer is an rv. Haven't I suffered enough?

Today is Jueves Santo and the highway has been packed all day. East coast beaches are seeing record numbers from Baghdad in Matamoros to Madero in Tampico down the coast to Barra del Tordo.

Buses are coming and going from our bus station in downtown Monterrey and reports from the Tapo station in Mexico City (there are three different bus terminals in D.F.) have a record 450 buses leaving hourly. There not going to get the best of us.

Here at home I took on the job of doing yard work and finishing my chore of taking down the miniblinds, washing them, washing the windows and the protectors. I'm done until next week. Friends and family are coming tomorrow to spend a couple of days and do some swimming. Only thing they don't know is that the water is still very cold.

So clean you can see the reflection of the truck in the window!

New trim aournd the pool along with a well-manicured lawn!

Last night, I was home alone and walked out to close the gate. It was almost an eerie feeling, the only street light on our road was off, no neighbors had arrived and it was so dark the only light was from the moon and the LEDs on our front porch spot lights. I loved it, had the rv been in the driveway I would have set up camp. A great boondocking spot.

After working like a dog today, we had tostadas de pollo. They were delicious. Of course, all this followed by a nap.

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