Thursday, April 8, 2010

I Think It's Just A good Idea

Every year rvers head into Mexico some with experience and others without. Some come with the attitude "nothing can happen to me". Murphy's Law is always at our backs and can prove us wrong.

Among things that can go wrong are stolen articles, documents, trucks, cars and rvs and there are accidents and fires. Heaven forbide if it happens to me. But it can.

Do yourselves a big favor. Scan all your personal documents. Take photos of all your possesions including the VIN numbers of your vehicles. Insurance in Mexico is worthless unless you have a copy of the policy. One person had an accident and the rv was totaled. He only had a receipt from his credit card showing he had purchased it on line. It won't work.

I have had the personal experience of helping people with accidents and stolen vehicles while here wintering. In all the cases they had either the documents or scanned copies. In one case, a check was cut in less than two weeks when Mexican law dictates a 30 day waiting period for the vehicle to be found.

My personal recommendation is to down load the scanned documents to memory sticks and have each person carry one on their person via necklace or in their pocket at all times and also have them on your email so they can be printed on a whim. Also have a back up CD with someone who can FedEx it to you overnight.

Don't get caught with your pants down. Mexican law is different. It isn't necessarily guilty until proven innocent although those are the concepts generated by rumor mills. The law is precise in proving ownership and I think it has to do with a lack of overall trust because so many people, and not just government, have their hands in the pie.

I am working on a list of national 800 numbers that we can all use for emergencies while on the road and enjoying the good life here in Mexico.

Let's hope all this mess settles down and we can look forward to a great winter experience. My motto has always been Know Before You Go! Get the facts.


  1. Good advice Chris! I have a separate Gmail account for our travel and have a scan of everything on it. Passports, Birth Certs, Drivers Licenses, health insurance, vehicle insurances, credit card numbers and corresponding 800 numbers to report loss, phone numbers of contacts and relatives, everything I can think of. I will try to imagine I am robbed and left naked on the highway (scary thought!). What would I possibly need? I will be adding more scans.

    It is a bother and takes time to do it but it is invaluable if you ever need it.