Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Monterrey to San Antonio

We woke up at "whenever" and got a late start. By the time we packed up the car and got on the road it was already after 10 a.m. We stopped by the bank to make a payment and get some cash, that took another 40 minutes of piddling.

As we entered the autopista to Laredo the rain started to come down. It rained off and on most of the trip to San Antonio. It was a nice rain and it would come and go. Everything is in bloom including the flor de palma which is a tasty treat. We passed kilometer 99 just meters south of the caseta de cobro and we came across a nasty accident between two tractor trailers. We received warning on the radio about 15 minutes before hand. Not much left of one of the tractors, the cab was accordianed into the trailer and the engine just sat there like it was never touched. Two lives lost.

On we went towards the Columbia bridge. I would say highway traffic was more than normal for a weekday morning. We passed the Km 26 without a hitch and on we went to the Colombia bridge. We pulled into the patio of the bridge zone and we met a military checkpoint. They were concerned about all the vitamins so I showed the guy what they were and what they did. He finally said that it appeared they were working (ha ha).

Got to Mexican immigration and was met by my two friends from the Monterrey office. They were happy to see me. They said with all that was going on it had been slow. We chatted for awhile and they filled me in on the new changes. I was assured none would affect me but if you come on a tourist visa you will be tracked by your passport of origin and 180 days a year means just that. No more than 180 days a year.

What a difference between the American and Mexican sides of the bridge. We got to the American side and then the trouble began. Juan had to get a permit and was hassled for quite some time. He hadn't turned in his expired permit because we hadn't been to the states. He always turns them in when we get to the border. He was warned that it is a violation and he could have his visa suspended. So what was the solution they wanted? He needs to come to the border before it expires and turn it in. Bullshit. We won't change what we do. They were rude and very unkind. Can someone tell me why U.S. border agents need to be jerks to do their job? They even made my friend from the Netherlands cry one time. Real good for foreign relations.

Well, we got over that, bitched about it for about 35 miles and that went away. Same thing everytime we cross the border.

Got to San Antonio to find the rent house is in good shape on the outside and the yard was cut and trimmed by the tenant. We meet this week for the final inspection.

More on San Antonio later.

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