Monday, April 19, 2010

Quiet On The Home Front

Here we are in San Antonio working on the rent house getting it ready for the next tenant. What a trip!

We have learned a lot about property management. I don't mind doing the work, I expect things to be not so perfect and to see some sort of mess. Not everyone lives like I do. Some people are not very clean.

Sure there are things we need to fix and repair that suffer from use and then there are things that we have to clean and fix that shouldn't be our responsibility. This is our first round and we have had the same tenant for three years who paid on time and did, more or less, their part.

We plan on purchasing more homes and renting them and (I was going to say "we") I need to be more strict and not be Mr. NiceGuy. Rules are rules and business is business. This has been a good test and we will get better at it with time. One thing is that this isn't the best location for a house and not the ritziest neighborhood in San Antonio. Plus, it is a bit far from where we live. The Rio Grande Valley is just two hours away and we will be looking for homes there.

We went out for dinner with good friends Saturday night. We love the Tres Trattoria restaurant on South Broadway. They have excellent food and the service is very good too. Here is a picture of us with our friends. We hope to get together again next Sunday for drinks.

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