Thursday, April 22, 2010

Pastry Judging - St. Philip's

A good friend of ours, John McGintey, is a chef who teaches at St. Philip's College. John is actually retired from the school district in San Antonio and started a new career a couple of years ago. He took up culinary arts as a hobby and ended up teaching.

He invited us to judge his evening students in their pastry course. We were surprised at the delicious treats we were invited to taste. Some of the students have chosen pastry and baking as their major and others are required to take at least one semester of pastry as part of their major in culinary arts.

We went around and spoke with the students while they prepared their cakes and pies. Surprisingly enough, these guys are really good and they are responsible for the great restaurants we visit while we are here in San Antonio. Yes Croft, we really do know some good places :).

We brought home samples of just about everything and you can be the judge of some of the cakes we tried.

Chef McGintey

This is how I should look as I am prepped for plastic surgery.

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