Saturday, February 5, 2011

And It Gets Worse

The weather has actually gotten worse.  It is still below zero this morning with the promise of warmer weather.  

We spent the evening at the funeral home.  Aunt Enedelia passed away yesterday, she was 91.  The funeral home we went to closes at 10 p.m., they used to stay open 24 hours.  Why the change you might ask?  Two robberies this last year where armed thieves came in and took everyone's cell phones, jewelry, purses and wallets.  This is a big change for us here.  We are used to spending the night at the funeral home, meeting relatives, eating, talking and sleeping on the sofas in the lobby.   Another tradition going by the wayside.  Not to say it is the rule at all Mexican funeral homes.

We go back today for the trip to the cemetary and then lunch afterwards.  I asked several people about the mass before the burial and the "whispers" revealed, "they aren't Catholic".  OMG 

1 comment:

  1. Sorry to hear about your Aunt Enedelia, but it looks like she did well to live to 91.

    Hope things start warming up for you.

    Kevin and Ruth