Friday, February 18, 2011

I Still Can't Believe It!

I wake up in the morning and take a look out the window and there it is.  We bought it in October, and finally it is here at home with all the legal paperwork and plates.  Amazing!  I look back over the last year and all the searching we did after selling Fufi I in March of 2010.  It was a sad day but all things must change and we have to move on.

I might sound a bit crazy but what rving gives me is the freedom to dream about all the places I would like to go and all the places that have become reality for us.  That poor ole Fufi I, we dragged that trailer over mountains, water, hills, swamps, mud, rocks, bumpy roads, and more.  Leave it up to your imagination.  I figure that we took that trailer over at least 30,000 miles if not more.

I just came back from watching the local news broadcast in the rv.  Man is it something.  I know I am a grown man, but I must have moved those slides in and out at least three or four times in the last two days.  

Les (MexicoKid) asked me when we would be going out on our first Mexico trip.  It couldn't come soon enough.  Next weekend we will take a short jaunt down the road to our club campestre, MonteSur.  It is an hour from the house and an escape from the traffic, noise and people.  They have palapas with electric so we won't be suffering.

This next week I will begin on the mods.  

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