Sunday, February 13, 2011

We Went To A Camping and Fishing Exhibition

I got home around 11 p.m. last night from Chihuahua.  Not a long trip but a lot of waiting yesterday in the airport.  I used my time reading on the internet.  Has anyone ever read Foreign Affairs magazine?  I saw one at the airport and it looked like my kind of reading, but at 179 pesos I said no thanks.  I looked on line and you can get 6 issues for around 44 dollars.

This morning, and this is for Jonna, I actually slept in until 8 o'clock.  That is late for me especially on weekends.  So we were watching the news and having coffee when a commercial flashed across the screen for the 2011 Camping, Hunting and Fishing Exhibition.  Let's go.  We had a great breakfast, got cleaned up and off we went.  

It wasn't a big affair but there were probably 50 exhibits in all.  Some good things, exciting things and a few disappointments.  There were several exhibits that offered camping gear, mountain climbing gear, fishing and hunting gear and some who were dedicated to fishing clubs as well as eco-tourism (tours that take you here in the mountains on day trips climbing, hiking, jumping into pools and waterfalls.  

The big disappointment was that there wasn't much involvement on part of the state tourism department.  We have several very nice state parks with camping, electric, water and public restrooms.  They had no representation.   I met Alejandro from Bak Pak.  They offer a magazine on backpacking in Nuevo Leon.  Check out their website.  We agreed to get together and talk about how we can promote rving and camping in the state.  We have some friends in common, who knew I would meet him.  Good thing we went to the event.  

Here are some pics from the show: