Thursday, February 24, 2011

How Will We Ever Advance?

You wonder sometimes who is the enemy.   I waited again until 10 a.m. (wow, what great work hours), and then began calling.  I used a house phone, cell phone, another cell phone and he wouldn't pick up.  So I put all the furniture back into the bedroom, not in any order of any kind, and decided to get new estimates.  

I know how this is going to play out.  They probably got another job at more money, I can understand that, but don't leave me hanging on a string.  On Saturday, early in the morning, they will show up all gung ho and ready to go to work. Well, I will be prepared with my ammo too!  As I said, I haven't heard from them and I haven't left a message to cancel.  When they knock on the door after driving an hour or  more to our house, I will politely let them know we no longer need their services.  Most people here tolerate this crap, I don't.  
I'm not a happy camper but we will go forward with our remodeling project.  I have since come up with some ideas such as adding a small third bedroom on the living room side of the house, a glass enclosed patio area out by the pool, a landscaping redo.  Jonna, would you come up and help me with your green thumb?


  1. Of course amigo, I love to design gardens and I love it even more when I'm spending someone else's money :)

    Seriously, I doubt it would cost much. The native plants from your area are dramatic and close to maintenance free. Of course, if you want a pond....

  2. Funny how these same laborers once north of the border show up on time like a Swiss watch.

    We are paying them dream wages up Norte but they are a pleasure to work with. No whining or complaining they just work their butts off and we are happy to pay.

    Street laborers wages start at $100 U.S. per day in California and the talented ones get much more.

    So relax and do it on Mexican time it's well worth it and saves you mucho dinero.


  3. I thought you were trying to sell the house?

    Kevin and Ruth

  4. we'd love to sell it. prices haven't dropped but people are waiting to see what happens with the current situation. everything is on hold so we might as well enjoy it while we have it. it is starting to look old and dated.