Monday, February 21, 2011

OMG - Gas Prices In The U.S.

I couldn't believe my eyes when I checked GasBuddy.Com    I check every month to get an idea of what we can expect  on our  three month summer vacation.  Gas prices in the U.S. are over 3.50 dollars per gallon.  Wow, here the average price based on the exchange rate is 2.75 dollars per gallon.  A huge difference.   Maybe I should go back to work fulltime.   This is ridiculous.   You would think people would be taking to the streets.   How does someone handle that on a fixed budget?   

We are meeting on Wednesday night for a birthday dinner and to discuss the budget and how we are going to cut corners if July 8 is our last day of work.   I have already decided to cut some corners by reducing our cable service, eliminating my private medical and using the social system which will cost me nothing.  Right now, I have to pay for all my preventive medical check ups and with the social system I pay nothing.  My cardiologist is also on the staff at the IMSS so I could have the same doctor but at no charge.  Our mailbox here in Mexico has gone up significantly and we receive mostly junk mail.   All of our bills are on line now so that would be another 300 dollars a year in savings.  That buys six tanks of gasoline or about 1300 miles worth of towing a year.  Quite a bit when you're not in a hurry.

On another note, I am a bit disappointed with ABC news.  They did a report about the number of people killed in Acapulco over the recent weeks including 12 taxi drivers.   They failed to put the numbers into context.   First off, they failed to mention that the majority if not all are directly related to the bad boys and the taxi drivers were spies hired by rival bad guys.  I'm purposely not using the "C" word in my post.  In Mexico, if the death is not a policeman or soldier, it is called persona civil.  A misnomer in English.  The persona civil is almost always  or always is a bad guy.


  1. gas prices are sneaking upward here in Florida as well. The corner station is at $3.17 but it is still possible to find gas at $3.05 elsewhere. It will be a shock to our budget as we head back to Canada with this gas guzzler!

    There is a 'discussion" going on in the comments section of my Blog on Canada vs. USA health costs. Would you please post the information in the second paragraph of your post there? It will give a good perspective. Thanks

  2. Sorry, here is the link:

  3. The trick is to drive slowly, both in speed and distance covered. We drive between 50 and 55 miles an hour, normally staying off the interstate. We also only travel about 120 miles a day. Then try and stay put in one spot for a few days. Mind you this won't help us as we drive up to Nova Scotia in a few weeks!

    Kevin and Ruth