Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Some Things Just Work Differently

I spent most of this week getting the spare bedroom ready for the new ceiling and the plaster on the walls.  Every morning I set aside time to empty out the closets or move furniture.  The house looks a wreck as things are crammed into the living room.   It looks like a hoarders show to me.  Today was the day to start the work.  Let's see how the progress is going:

Hmmm . . .  Looks like nothing has happened.  Geez, I wonder why????  Well, 10 a.m. rolled around, no show.  10:30 rolled around, still no show.  A call at 11 reveals that they don't have a truck to bring the materials and are still waiting, and at 1 p.m. we decide to wait until tomorrow.  Oh, the tragedy.   The waiting game of Mexican albaƱiles(construction workers).  They start at the hour they choose and it is never at 8 a.m., they take a break at 10, lunch at 12, and finish at 4:45.   I'm in the wrong business.

On a lighter note, we have another neighborhood stray running around that I call Scruffy.   Scruffy appeared one day about three months ago.   A feisty little terrier of sorts that follows me or anyone else walking down the road.  Not a mean bone in her body.   She comes and goes when she pleases and no one seems to bother her, except for other dogs.   She hasn't had any litters yet and I doubt she was ever fixed.   I guess I need to take her in to get her done so she can grow up in peace.   

Just like Friend, she too was discarded, forgotten, tied up for months without any food but remarkable survived, was brought back to life and lives a carefree life here on the road.  She comes home with me sometimes after the gym and I feed her and play with her.  She lays down and sleeps for awhile and later I find she has gone again.  Same thing with Scruffy.

 Coming home and turning into the road, I see Scruffy, or should I say she sees me.  I honk the horn, roll down my window and call out her name.   She knows it's me and she makes a mad dash behind me.  I slow down though and let her catch up.  I've tried to get her in the car but we're not there yet.  I've been warned though, no more pets.

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