Thursday, February 3, 2011

The Thermometer Keeps Dropping - Is This Really Mexico?

It's right at 29F here at the house.  I just got back from buying gas LP for the house.  The trucks are all empty and won't be filled until tonight for tomorrows routes.  I disconnected the tank for the heater and loaded into the car.   Sucker is heavy, it holds 90 liters.   
I got to the station and they filled it to the brim, I had them purge whatever was in there, mostly air and it cost 450 pesos or about 37 dollars.   That should last through the cold spell and beyond.  I have the heater with three radiants in the middle of the living room and a small fan behind it blowing the air towards the bedrooms.  I have the spare bedroom closed off.   It seems to be working well.

While I was getting the invoice for the gas, a woman came running in asking for service to her house.  Her command of Spanish was not very good and I offered to help her.  She said her electricity was out and her gas LP too.  So I translated for her and later asked her where she was from.  She lives in Santiago and is from Chicago.  She teaches in a private school out here on the highway.  I've never seen her.  She said it was a miracle that I walked in behind her.  Who knew.

The city is pretty much empty.  I stayed in Monterrey last night.  We had pizza and watched the movie "Grey Gardens", the story of Edith and Edie Beale, socialite recluses living in an old mansion.  They were related to Jackie Bouvier Kennedy.   I was fascinated by the film.  I had read about them before but spent the day watching the four segments of the original documentary on YouTube.   Drew Barrymore really studied for the part of Edie.   Makes you think about your future and when you need to make decisions that are best for you at the time and may not be what you want.  

Tonight will be the coldest night, temps around 21F here on the ranch.  Lots of people here without any way to heat their houses, although those here on the ranch have chimneys and can build a nice hot fire.  I'll keep warm with a vodka or two, watch a movie and let the cats keep my feet warm.

I have a pretty good life, we take a lot for granted. 

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  1. Stay warm my friend. My podiatrist is from Monterrey and we were talking today about the cold up there. He is concerned for his parents and he says he is very glad to be here in Merida. I told him I'll ask him about that again in June :)