Wednesday, February 16, 2011


What can I say other than the new rv is home and after months of wondering, anticipation and planning it is in the driveway.

If you are wondering how it went down, here is what happened in terms of permanent importation.  We arrived in Reynosa on Monday afternoon.  We had already chosen an importer or agencia aduanal.  They had received a copy of the title and invoice so they knew what they were dealing with.  We paid the fees and taxes by using the SPAY system, which is like Paypal in the U.S.  We went to a bank, made the transfer between accounts and returned for the receipt from the agency. 

We crossed the border with a date and time for the transfer of goods which was yesterday at 4 p.m. We were to meet the agent at the Pharr bridge with the trailer, they would ride with us through customs and complete the deal.  It didn't happen like that.   We were waiting at 4 p.m. yesterday and the clock was ticking.  A sick agency owner, a bad data entry clerk made it not happen.   We waited until 5.30 and agreed to wait until this morning.  We found an rv park, had a cocktail and watched our favorite novela El Triunfo del Amor.   

As a side note, while we waited yesterday, we had time in the afternoon to visit some really good friends that we met in Veracruz a couple of Christmas' ago.  Bill and Sharon met us at the Pharr Walmart and we had a ball.   We went over to their rv park and talked up a storm .  They are cool people that anyone would want to have as an rv neighbor.   Birders, eaters, and good conversationalists.

Yesterday was a bit of a disappointment.  We woke up this morning to find out the rv park we were spending the night at had a mulitple robbery with the police showing up and the robber escaping without the loot.

Off we went for the rendezvous, this time at 9 a.m.  After arriving, we purchased a coffee and decided to wait until they called us.   Sure enough, around 9.30 they showed up.  The agent got in the truck with us, walkie talkie in hand and off we went crossing the bridge.  Along the way he stayed in contact with the agent on the other side.  Once in line, a guy with a badge and an orange vest came up to the truck.  We got out, he took over.   We walked the rest of the way watching as the trailer advanced through different lines and crossings each time exchanging stamped official papers.  

Once through, he got out, we got in and off we went for the agency office in Reynosa to get our factura or invoice for tax purposes.  I chatted with the agent all the way and he told us about the way things are done and they have their system and sure, money exchanges hands but all this is invisible to the customer.  I told him the same happens on the other side of the border.   Well, we got the invoice and made our way to the Km 30 checkpoint.   We pulled into the lane for trucks and trailers.   It was closed off with orange cones but that led us to the office for the final stamp officially entering Mexico, a small caseta called "pedimentos".  They verified the paperwork in less than five minutes and we headed home.   

Easy as pie but nerve racking as hell.  Fufi II now sits in the driveway.  Tomorrow I get the plates and we can do anything we damn well please.  


  1. So, you will have Nuevo Leon plates? Was the duty a percentage of the purchase price? and, is there any age restrictions as with cars?

    You are watching Triunfo eh? I couldn't get into it, after Soy tu Dueña it seemed kind of off, but then I don't like William Levy and Maite was not that big a draw either. Why don't these galans shave their stubble? Drives me nuts trying to figure out how they always keep it at a 2 day stubble.

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  3. Yes, the trailer will have plates from Nuevo Leon. I can't have plates from the U.S. with an FM2. Tax was based on purchase price. We were worried they wouldn't accept the purchase price compared to the actual book value but we included a copy of the payment to the manufacturer. With agent fees, taxes, etc. it came to 22.5 percent, same we paid in 2004 for the other trailer. Our insurance has dropped by 35 percent but I won't question it. As far as age restriction on unit, good question. I can ask.

    As for Triumph of Love, I have always liked Daniella Romo, excellent singer. As for the stubble it is to hide their ugly faces. Some of these guys are just not very handsome. Stubble is in, just like shaved heads.

  4. Nice to see Fufi II in the driveway!

    Fufi II??? (:>)

  5. Looks great guys. Now pack it to the gills and get out camping.

  6. Hey, get that trailer on down to Hacienda Contreras! We'll be there all of next week!