Sunday, May 11, 2014

Down The Hill From Lava Beds


We headed down the hill from Lava Beds yesterday about noon.  The snow and hail was coming down and my sister's rig was having more power issues.  I went to the visitor's center and asked about an rv park with full hookups and we found Eagle's Nest.   We drove down the hill about 30 minutes and found a wonderful rv park.   Very friendly people with a staff person from Guadalajara who speaks a little English and helped us park our rigs. 
We're under the pine trees and still getting good sunlight for the solar.  We spent the afternoon relaxing and in the evening my sister fixed lasagna with a salad and a great bottle of wine we brought over. 

Last night got down to below freezing but there was no more snow.   I woke up early and went for a three mile hike.  I followed a service road for about a mile and a half and found a place to sit down.  It was quiet and for a change there was no wind.   The birds were amazing, singing high up in the trees.   Deer came by, a group of about six walked past me.   A piliated woodpecker hacked away at the power pole overhead.  He glanced down at me a few times but was busy looking for some grub.

My sister and BIL took off for Tulelake for Sunday mass.  We opted out, I didn't feel like being in a car today and wanted to do some hiking.  They took a wrong turn and ended up near Medicine Lake and a dead end with a snow bank.  They met a friendly guy who got them back on track.   Best thing though, they got some great shots of the snow at the top.   They did some shopping and headed back to the rv park.
In the meantime, we went for an hour hike and took saw some great wild flowers as well as the woodpecker and more deer.  Afterwards, I did a workout with weights and got some sun.   A great nap followed and soon my sister was home.   We had a great mother's day dinner of pork chops, mashed potatoes and gravy served with green beans.   My sister is a great cook and also makes some really awesome cookies.

Time for bed.  We are off for Glendale, Oregon in the morning.  We have some work to do.  I need to finish my paper and abstract for the national convention in Puebla in October.  We've had a great stay with my family and I hate moving on.  That's life and I am sure we will meet up again soon.  Thanks sis! 

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  1. Will you please not mention pork chs mashed pots and gravy when I am eating old shark meat and reindeer!!!!! Safe travels les