Saturday, May 3, 2014

Made It To Vegas

We had a good trip today.   Juan made a great breakfast and I don't have the camera with me now but will post tonight or tomorrow.   We headed down the hill saying goodbye to the Grand Canyon.  We drove slow and sipped the gas so we could get to a place where we could find a decent price.  We stopped twice for small doses at $3.79 and $3.69 and when we arrived in Kingman we filled up at $3.43, much better than $4.49, that's over a $20 difference, good for two nights in a Passport America park.
We had a beautiful drive and the road to Las Vegas from Kingman made for excellent gas mileage, 14 mpg with a tailwind and pretty much flat ground.  Our TomTom pooped out and lost signal on the way into town.  We struggled for about ten minutes to find our way to the RoadRunner Rv Park but called and got some help. 
We have a nice pull-through site and all the hookups.  We did a major cleaning including vacuuming, dusting, and wiping everything down.  Too much dust but boy would I go back to Grand Canyon and stay in the forest for a few months.  We loved it there and it was very relaxing to say the least.
No casinos tonight though, I want a nice dinner and relax.  We may swim in the pool and have some wine before hitting the sack.  Tomorrow takes us to Tonapah and I have a BLM land site I want to check out.  If that doesn't work out, there is another PA park there along with some recommendations from my sister.  We are in her territory and they get around quite a bit in their rv. 
That's it for now, we are enjoying the trip, stopping when we see something of interest.  We stopped at Lake Mead for some pics and the visitor's center which was closed.  Closes at 4 p.m. on a Saturday?  Not very tourist friendly.   We had to pass an inspection point at the lake and the person in charge wanted to check the inside of the rv.   He said, " I don't know what you're cooking in the crockpot but it sure smells good".   Sounds like that makes a good diversion :)


  1. Did you end up signing up for Harvest Hosts?

  2. Are you using the crockpot just with the solar panels? Did you take any photos of the Vegas RV Park?

  3. Sounds like you are having a great trip, we were just through that area. We've been home now for almost a week. We are surprised that you were inspected. Where was it and what were they looking for?

  4. Did you walk by the High Roller? I know you didn't ride it. I hope you got pictures.

  5. You better pick up a new GPS. Garmin?