Sunday, May 18, 2014

In Newport Oregon and Heading North

Okay, so we have a few minutes here at McDonalds's before heading to the Chalet restaurant in Newport, Oregon for breakfast with my brother Steve and my SIL Michelle.   I haven't found the energy source that my brother uses but when I do I hope to reduce it so that he slows down.  Wow, he really moves.  We have done tide pooling, hiking, fishing is next.   This is really too much fun and I can tell you that we love the Oregon coast and will be back in a couple of years.

Making plans for our next day's adventure.

This is just one photo of 200 we have taken of the Oregon coastline.  It is truly amazing and there are state parks all along it.  We use tent sites at $19 a night and the solar continues to work well.   We have hit rain today for the first time.  We are heading north and our goal for today is Tillimook to visit the cheese factory and have some ice cream.  Even with the rain will do some exploring in tide pools and do some hiking.  The rain is stop and start and doesn't come down hard.

We are in cranberry country and have taken advantage of all the free sweet treats that lure tourists into the shops.  We have also had salt water taffy and surprisingly enough, the sugar-free is the best, it doesn't take out your fillings!   We gave in and bought some of our favorite chocolate yesterday at the wharf.  We had a fantastic seafood lunch at Ocean Local, I highly recommend it.  Michelle ordered crab cakes and they are the real thing.   Delicious.

Lighthouses are at every stop and this one is at Heceta.   We climbed to the top and took a tour.  Fantastic views.

We will be heading to Bellingham in a day or two to refresh and clean the trailer to get things ready for our Canada crossing.  Still a bit apprehensive.   I need to go through my mailboxes and collect addresses of everyone we want to stop and see and start giving some dates.  I feel bad we have kind of left Croft hanging on dates but it isn't easy.  I guess if we were full timers it would easier.   So, see all of you soon.


  1. Glad the solar is working well for you!

    1. So am I. It appears to be working very well. Lots of teamwork made for a good installation.

  2. The important thing is that you are having fun and seeing (and tasting) everything along the way. Now you see why we are always hesitant to give out firm arrival dates.

    Bring us a two pound block of Tillimook Medium Cheddar. I will pay you for it. You may find it is cheaper at grocery stores than at the factory.

    See you when you get here, don't sweat the details. Let us know when you know, we aren't going anywhere. We must have a chat about your whirlwind two nation tour!

    If I can get into Mexico, you can get into Canada.

  3. Here is information on the border including what you are allowed to bring in. Top off the gas and propane tanks before crossing into Canada. Groceries are also more expensive in Canada so fill the pantry. You are allowed to bring groceries.

  4. You guys cross borders all the time. Just answer what is asked and do not initiate any friendly chatter. Nationality, destination and length of stay will be the main questions as well as guns, booze and drugs. Clear, concise answers with little hesitation is important. Have our address available as your first destination but only if they ask.

    Keep nervous chatter to a minimum when waiting in line. They have highly sensitive microphones along the road and can listen to your conversations in the car while you are in line.

  5. We love the Oregon coast too, and are looking forward to spending time there later this summer. We ate at Local Ocean the last time we were in Newport and had the best mussels (from Penn Cove) that we've had anywhere. Fabuolus food there! We're looking forward to a return visit or 2. Enjoyed seeing you guys in AZ - continue having fun on all your adventures-

  6. Croft has given you great advice as he always does. Just go with the flow and have a good time, Canada is just as easy as Mexico. So glad you are enjoying Oregon, it is a lovely place to visit.