Thursday, May 1, 2014

Grand Canyon

Took off from Phoenix yesterday morning and just as we got hitched up the winds picked up.  Driving was a pain in the butt, not white knuckle or anything, just to much concentration with rpms and such.   Pulled into Flagstaff which was a real boon for us.  We found the Giant gas station that had gas for $3.49 versus $3.79 around town.   Plus, this station has a free dump station, water and propane.  We filled on propane tank, dumped and added water.   We shower everyday but the water lasts forever.   I told Juan we need to time the water on and then see how much we really use.  I think it is around a gallon. 
Before leaving Flagstaff, I walked into a Dollar Tree.  They sell reading sunglasses.  I have three pair, broke one the other day and left two at home.  I found the last pair and it looks pretty cool.  Price, $1.  My kind of glasses. 

Heading up to the Grand Canyon there was no wind.  We enjoyed the ride and I sat back and relaxed.  Just like the says, Forest Road 302 is conveniently located near the park entrance, free camping and solitude.   Sure, there are a few helicopters overhead during the day but we won't be there anyway.   We went to the visitor's center to make sure we were good to park there and the guy there was super nice.  He gave us more leads than anyone ever has.   He said we don't need to tell anyone, no campfires, pull in and enjoy the view.

Talk with another couple who had pulled in nearby, they were just staying the night and leaving in the morning.   I took my usual nap and then we look around Tusayan and headed into the park for sunset.   We caught the last shuttle before sunset by just 30 seconds.  The guy saw us running and waited.  Very friendly people here.   We made it to the Hopi Point and it was overwhelming.  We have been here before but each time it is a new experience.

Lots of people but you gotta do it sometimes.   Lots of cameras and people from all parts of the world.  Sunset came and the crowds started clapping.  Truly a sight to see.
The shuttle trip back as a bit longer as they stopped all along the route and the buses were full.  We had parked at Market Village so that was the last stop.  Got home and watched a Twilight Zone episode before hitting the pillow.   I turned on Mr Heater and he kept us cozy all night.  It got pretty cold last night.   I slept in until seven o'clock.  Amazing.  Now, we're off to do some hiking in the canyon.


  1. Remember the Grand Canyon trip from hell!!!!I didn't say anything......DOWN!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Nice. We want to get back there someday. Maybe next year!