Friday, May 9, 2014

Now We're On Our Way To Lava Beds

Packed up yesterday and waited for my BIL to pull around the fifth wheel.  He came down the street and I could see there was a problem with his brake controller.   Sure enough, no power to it.  We checked some things and determined we needed to take it to the shop.   We went down with them and the trailer in tow.  
We parked for a couple of hours, fixed lunch and took a nap.  Still no resolve.  We headed back home leaving their fiver behind.   At five o'clock it was ready.  
Today we are taking off stopping in Susanville, Ca.  for breakfast and then on to the Lava Beds for the weekend.


  1. These little problems happen and the way to deal with them is "right away". You are getting closer!

  2. Soooo??? What did they find as the problem??

  3. 7 pin power cord had been replaced and wired wrong. Now in Lava Beds, and some minor battery charge problems. We moved down the hill to a rv park. We head to Bandon, Or on Monday.