Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Visiting Family In Reno

We arrived in Reno around 2:30 in the afternoon on Monday.   We followed snow covered mountains all the way and as we went over the passes the wind really picked up.   The weather here is cold at night, cool and breezy during the day. 
It was great to see my BIL and sister.   They have a great retirement and also love to rv.   They bought a new fifth wheel a couple of years a go and I will post pics once we get on the road with them and they get it opened up.   For us it's a palace, three slideouts with a huge living room and residential bath.   We take off tomorrow with them to BLM land.
We've been parked out front on the street.   My BIL insists that there is no issue with neighbors or local police.  He put a small notice on the back of the trailer saying it was there temporarily and we would be leaving on Thursday.    There is a school across the street and it is a very quiet neighborhood.   We aren't hooked up and are using our Mr. Heater and the solar.  
Contessa wanted to know how we hookup the crockpot while traveling.   It sits in the kitchen sink and is connected and is connected to our little 400W inverter that is tied directly to the batteries.  We start the crockpot on high for a couple of hours and when we stop we put it on low until we get to our destination.   Meats turn out wonderfully.   We also do a pot of beans and we let them sock in the crockpot overnight.
This morning, Wednesday, Juan fixed a big Mexican breakfast.   We didn't have any tortillas so I found a small Mexican bakery about a mile away and bought them along with some pan dulce.  No lunch today. 
We are headed to Walmart to do some shopping.  Tomorrow we take off for Lava Beds Natl Monument for the weekend with my sister before heading Bandon, Or to rv with my brother Steve and SIL Michelle.   Can't wait to see them and their new rv.


  1. Fun with family - sounds perfect! Enjoy!

  2. Glad to read about your family visit and the upcoming RV trip with the group of you. Enjoy every minute and remember that you are making memories.